AC Maintenance

ac-serviceAir conditioners are the lungs of your home.  Second to purchasing your home it is the greatest expense you can incur as a home owner.  Here in Florida AC is a must and you don’t want to be without it long especially when those temperatures are rising.  Protect your investment and keep your cool with regular maintenance.  Caring for your system will insure you get the most out of it.  One of our knowledgeable technicians will provide “Comfort on Porpoise” while caring for your system.

  • VIP Plan 1 $165 a year per system
    • This is semi annual maintenance done 2x per year.
    • Includes 2 visits (approximately 6 months apart)
    • The visits never expire!
    • Technicians will check/change filters, flush drain line, check pressures, check amp draws, check air flow, look at the overall condition of your system, and make recommendations based on their findings to maximize your comfort needs.
    • Receive 15% off all repairs as a VIP customer!

$165 a year can save you hundreds, even thousands of $$$ a few years down the road as problems will be caught early or avoided all together.  Just like with your health being proactive is best.  Treat your AC the same and save both your wallet and yourself from any unnecessary discomfort!

Dolphin Cooling & Heating providing “Comfort on Porpoise” singe 1998!