AC Repair Service

AC Install

Sooner or later your AC system is going to need repair.  If you are looking for the best service and value sooner or later you will use Dolphin Cooling.  Our experienced technicians are on the road here in Naples and ready to help you with all of your AC repair service needs.

Our service department is located in Naples & consists of several highly experienced staff members.  We are willing and able to discuss all of your AC issues and suggest possible solutions prior to dispatching a technician.  However, If a service call is needed we will dispatch one of our fast and efficient technicians to diagnose and repair your AC system.  Air conditioning repair excellence is just a phone call away.  We know that our success as a company depends on your satisfaction, which is why we focus on you. Every job we perform comes with our satisfaction guarantee.  See our Service & Maintenance page to learn more about AC systems.

Save Yourself Some Money & Use Our Pre-dispatch AC Repair Service Checklist

  1. Is your thermostat display on?
    1. Yes - move to step 2
    2. No - Change your batteries, check your circuit breaker.
  2. Is there air coming out of your vents?
    1. Yes - move to step 3
    2. No - Switch circuit breaker off, wait 15 seconds, turn back on to reset the system.  Or call for service
  3. Is your outdoor unit running?
    1. Yes - Feel the air leaving the top of the outdoor unit & move to step 4
    2. No - Call for service
  4. Is the air leaving the top of the outdoor unit warm?
    1. Yes - Give the system 30 minutes to catch up
    2. No - Call for service

Pool Heat Pump Service

We service all makes and models of pool heat pump heaters.  We are also authorized to perform warranty service on Hayward, AquaPro, EcostealthAquacalZodiacRheem, and Jandy products.  Due to that, our technicians have a lot of experience.  In short, experience makes Dolphin Cooling fast, efficient and accurate.  In addition, we can also include your pool heat pump heater in your AC service & maintenance plan.  See our Pool Heat Pump Service page HERE.

AC Service & Maintenance Plans


We offer several AC service & maintenance plans for simple to complex air conditioning systems.  Our plans include preventative maintenance steps to help keep your system running longer and more efficiently.  In addition, we allow you to add your pool heat pump heater to your AC service & maintenance plan.  See our AC Service & Maintenance Plans page HERE.  Most importantly, we can recommend steps beyond our regular maintenance that can greatly improve the indoor air quality and healthiness of your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Our technicians are trained on indoor air quality and can recommend several options to improve it.  Common complaints include odors, allergies, excessive dust on furniture, health concerns and more.  To sum it up, if you have indoor air quality concerns we can help.  See our Indoor Air Quality page HERE.

Call us today for a free estimate and keep you cool with Dolphin Cooling & Heating!