We participate in FPL’s Energy Savings Program. Ask us if you are eligible for a FPL rebate.

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We participate in FPL’s Energy Savings Program. Ask us if you are eligible for a FPL rebate.

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AC Sales & Installation

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We're here to help and provide you Comfort on Porpoise!

At Dolphin Cooling & Heating, Naples we offer more than just expert AC repair service. We provide you with excellence in AC sales and installation advice.

Dolphin Cooling’s AC sales & installation office is located here in Naples.  We are providing AC service from Ft Myers to Marco Island.  Our sales consultants are just that, consultants.  We provide you with a listening ear.  The sales consultant assigned to your project will identify what’s important to you.  With that clearly defined we recommend solutions and associated pricing to accomplish your goals.  A properly installed AC system will last 10-12 years if maintained well.  With that in mind doing it right the first time is the only way.  There are many things to consider when replacing on installing a new system.

System Efficiency

The efficiency of air conditioning systems is rated in SEER2. Seasonal energy efficiency ratio was designed by AHRI. The higher the SEER2 the more efficient the system. Florida code requires a minimum of 14.3 SEER2. Most homeowners opt for the more efficient 16 SEER2 systems. The incremental cost to jump from a 14.3 SEER2 system to a 16 SEER2 is usually paid for by lowering the electrical bill. With rising energy costs that may be shorter. System efficiency doesn’t stop at 16 SEER2. For instance, there are many options and depending on the technology SEER2 ratings can be 25+. Our AC sales & installation team is well versed with new innovative technologies.

Save Yourself Some Money!

Before You Call, Use Our Pre-dispatch AC Repair Service Checklist


    Do some research on the various manufactures out there.  Find out if your contractor deals directly with the manufacturer.  Dealing direct with the manufacturer results in much better customer service.  Discuss what is important to you with our AC sales & installation team.  We can help you find the right equipment for you.  See the links below for more information.


    Home automation systems are becoming more and more popular.  Most manufactures offer thermostats that connect to the home’s WIFI.  Therefore, WIFI systems can be controlled from anywhere there is connectivity to the internet.  Additionally, they offer emailed alarms and service updates.  Many advanced systems integrate with Alexa and Google Home.

    IAQ (indoor air quality)

    Indoor air quality is a major concern in homes and businesses.  On average, people spend 90% of there time indoors.  For instance, a study performed by the EPA shows some indoor environments have pollutant levels much higher than outdoors.  Therefore, some level of filtration & sanitation is needed.  Indoor pollutants can include:

    Pet dander


    Second hand smoke


    Cooking odors




    Lead particles

    And more