AC maintenance Naples

AC Service & Maintenance Plans

We offer three different AC service & maintenance plans here at Dolphin Cooling.  Our base plan is called the Tune-Up and includes one visit per year to check operational status of the AC system and perform a maintenance.  If any issues are identified we will make recommendations to correct the issue.  Our mid level plan is called the VIP-1 and includes two visits annually for one AC system.  We recommend at a minimum two visits per year.  Most homes require four visits annually to ensure the system running efficiently and the indoor air is clean.  Our VIP-2 plan gets you four visits per year for one AC system roughly three months apart.  Both of our VIP AC service & maintenance plans save you 15% on any service work needed.  All of our plans are priced for Ft Myers, Naples, Marco Island and all places in between.

Additionally, we give you the option of adding your pool heater heat pump to your AC service & maintenance plan.  We are authorized to perform work on AquaPro, Ecostealth, Aquacal, Zodiac, Rheem, and Jandy products.  As a result, our technicians are experts with pool heat pumps.  See our pool heat pump page here.

AC Service & Maintenance Plans

Tune-Up $99.00/yr, 1 Visit

VIP-Level 1 $199.00/yr, 2 Visits

Additional systems $179.00/yr each

VIP-Level 2 $378.00/yr, 4 Visits

Additional systems $358.00/yr each

Add Pool Heat Pump $99.00/yr

Indoor Unit Check Points

Outdoor Unit Check Points

1) Check cooling coil condition, cleanliness, corrosion, leaks, microbial growth.  Clean as needed. 1) Check condenser coil condition, obstructions, debris, corrosion, leaks.  Clean as needed.
2)  Check metering device for restrictions & leaks. 2)  Check condenser fan blades and motor.  Clean as needed.
3)  Check drain pan for cleanliness, leaks and microbial growth.  Clean as needed.  Add bio-cide tablets. 3)  Check compressor amp draw.
4)  Clear drain lines & test safety switches. 4)  Check high voltage electrical connections.
5)  Clean interior of cabinet as needed. 5)  Check contactor & capacitor.  Recommend replacement as needed.
6)  Check UV light, clean bulb recommend replacement if necessary. 6)  Check and record fan motor amp draw.
7)  Check blower for cleanliness, inspect motor.  Clean as needed. 7)  Check refrigerant charge.
8)  Check high voltage connections, relays & capacitor. 8)  Check and record super heat.
9)  Check circuit breaker or fuse. 9)  Check and record sub-cooling.
10)  Check electric heater voltage & amp draw. 10)  Check circuit breaker or fuse.
11)  Check low voltage controls & connections. 11)  Check refrigerant lines for damage.
12)  Inspect ductwork for leaks. 12)  Check surrounding area for obstructions that could limit air flow.
13)  Check static pressure to confirm proper air flow. 13)  Check hurricane straps for corrosion or loose connections.
14)  Test thermostat, reprogram as needed. 14)  Inspect the overall condition of the unit.