Like anything else in life, the better care you take of your HVAC system the longer it will last. Regular maintenance is also the best way to save money with your air conditioning system because a well-maintained system is an efficient system. Dolphin Cooling isn’t just an AC repair service, we work hard in preventative maintenance services to reduce your need for major repairs long term, saving you money, stress and time.

Why is AC maintenance so important?

Here in SWFL, our air conditioning systems work hard. Not only do they work excessively throughout the summer months, we also often run them during the winter months. An unreliable and inefficient air conditioning system in SWFL is not ideal.

Your AC system is like a car. You can probably keep running it without maintenance for a long time. The problem is that it starts losing efficiency, things start wearing out and breaking, and when it finally loses function it’s much harder and more expensive to repair than it would have been with regular, low-cost maintenance.

An air conditioning system is a big investment that no one wants to replace earlier than necessary. With the right care, you may be able to make yours last 10-15 years in our climate, maybe even a little longer.

How to maximize the lifespan of your air conditioning unit

Having a good maintenance plan for your system is key, but there are also important things you should do regularly yourself.

DIY AC Maintenance

Keep the area around your outside unit clear

Foliage, dirt, and debris can build up around your outdoor unit quickly and easily. While these units are made to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, they still need to be free and clear of any build-up around them to continue to work efficiently.

Check your AC filter regularly and replace it as needed

Your AC filter plays a huge role in the efficiency of your air conditioning unit as well as the air quality in your home. Checking in on your air filter regularly and changing it as needed is a great practice to be in to increase the longevity of your unit. It’s also a good idea to use the best possible filters you are able to get to increase their efficacy.

Use a programable thermostat

A programable or smart thermostat takes quite a bit of the workload off of your air conditioning unit. These thermostats give you the ability to preset times when you’re usually home and the temperature should be cooler and times you’re usually away and the temperatures can be a little warmer. This gives your unit regular breaks and increases its lifespan.

Use the “auto” fan setting

Setting your AC fan to “auto” will allow the fan to run only when your cooling or heating is actively running. This is the alternative to the “on” setting which instructs the fan to run constantly.

Use ceiling fans to help circulate the cool air in your home

Ceiling fans can make your home feel cooler by moving cool air around. This might mean you can change the temperature on your thermostat to take a little of the work load off your air conditioning system sometimes.

Sign up for a maintenance plan

There’s nothing like professional care when it comes to an HVAC system. We know a problem arises when we see one and that’s why getting on a maintenance plan so the professionals can regularly keep an eye on your system is so important.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

At Dolphin Cooling we want to ensure that your system works for you when you need it. We know that going without air conditioning in SWFL is not an option. Along with our other air conditioning services, we provide maintenance plans that keep you covered in the prevention department. Preventative maintenance is the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our air conditioning systems work so hard in south Florida, but we work even harder to keep you comfortable on porpoise!

Our three levels of AC maintenance plans offer everything you need to fit your budget and lifestyle needs.

Tune-Up Plan

We’ll put you on the schedule for one visit a year with our Tune-Up plan. During this visit, we’ll inspect your unit, clean the drain line, and replace your filter. We’ll identify any issues and make recommendations for repairs or additional maintenance. Learn more about this plan here.

VIP-1 Plan

The VIP-1 plan includes 2 visits per year. This plan includes everything the Tune-Up plan offers, but with a few more perks like advanced drain line cleaning, priority scheduling, discounts, and more. Learn more about this plan here. 

VIP-2 Plan

You’ll get maximum protection in preventative maintenance with the VIP-2 plan. This plan includes four visits per year, which drastically increases the likelihood that any issues with your air conditioning unit will be stopped before they start. The VIP-2 plan includes all the perks of the Tune-Up and VIP-1 plan with those additional visits for a higher level of protection. Learn more about this plan here.

Schedule your routine maintenance

Call today to learn more about our maintenance contracts and how to extend the life of your air conditioning unit with professional service at affordable prices. Our repair technicians are ready to serve you during normal business hours as well as meet your emergency repair needs. The peace of mind you’ll have when once you’re set up for regular maintenance with local experts will be a relief. Dependable air conditioning in the state of Florida is a must-have and we offer the highest standard of service to our customers.