Indoor air quality is not something that most people think about very often. Air pollution is known to influence our health, but still, when we think about health we don’t typically consider the air we breathe, both outdoors in inside our homes and workplaces.

Most people spend the majority of their time indoors these days, about 80% of their time. That means that indoor air quality is just as important, if not more important, than outdoor air quality. One study performed by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that some indoor environments have much higher levels of pollutants than the outdoors. So what can you do about the quality of the air in your home? An HVAC air purification system is one option.

What is an HVAC UV-C Air Purifier?

An HVAC air purification system is a whole-home air purifier that is installed in line with your residential HVAC system that traps or destroys pollutants like dust, pollen, and other harmful contaminants in order to clear the air and improve indoor air quality.

Unlike an air filter that simply traps these pollutants and particles, an air purifier uses UV-C light to zap the impurities away. Whole house air cleaners are designed to do away with airborne bacteria and other harmful particles and airborne contaminants that may be circulating in your home.

Do UV-C Air Purifiers Actually Work?

Your air filter is the first line of defense against the particulate matter or airborne contaminants circulating in your indoor air. But your air filter can’t catch everything because it has to allow airflow through it. That air filter in combination with a good UV-C purification system has been shown to be a very effective combination when installed correctly.

Health Benefits of Having an Air Purifier

Indoor air quality is strongly connected to our health and well-being. Children, older adults, and individuals with preexisting conditions are particularly susceptible to health issues as a result of poor indoor air quality. Breathing and respiratory issues are more obvious results of poor indoor air quality. But there are other symptoms and results that we may not realize could come about because of or in correlation with poor indoor air quality.

Poor indoor air quality has been associated with many health issues, including:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Throat and nasal problems
  • Complications for people with lung and heart conditions
  • Chronic coughing
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Chronic headaches
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma complications
  • Cancer
  • Fatigue
  • Skin conditions

Good indoor air quality can make a world of difference in your home and your health. UV-C light is ultraviolet light used in HVAC air purifiers. It is the strongest of all types of UV light because it has the shortest wavelength. It’s so powerful that it destroys the DNA of bacteria, biological growth, and other microorganisms in the air, effectively killing them. This purification method is 99 percent effective. UV-C HVAC air purifiers don’t just make your air less dusty, they actually create cleaner air overall in your home. Some of the health benefits of an HVAC air purifier are:

Kill airborne microbes

UV-C air purifiers are designed to kill airborne microbes, bacteria, and viruses. This is one reason a whole home air purifier is suggested for indoor air pollution. It can be very helpful for preventing the spread of illnesses within your home, especially during cold and flu season. This is especially beneficial for people living with health conditions that can be made worse by bacterial or viral infections.

Reduce allergens in the air

Air purifiers can be very helpful in the home of people who suffer from a variety of allergies and pet sensitivities. A UV-C air purifier can remove a variety of allergens from the air, including dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. Common allergens in your indoor air can create ongoing problems for someone who suffers from seasonal or pet allergies. UV-C air purifiers are more effective at removing those pollutants than an air filter alone.

Reduce chemical pollution

Air purifiers can also remove volatile organic compounds and harmful chemicals from the air. Cleaning products, building materials, and even furniture can release harmful chemicals into your indoor air. There are many products and materials marked for residential use that are can release gaseous pollutants. These things can affect your health without you even realizing it. An HVAC air purification system helps to remove that chemical pollution from your indoor air.

Eliminate smoke and odors

Air purifiers can also help to eliminate household unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke, smoke and odors from cooking or fires. Smoke can cause a variety health issues, including irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. It can also worsen asthma and other respiratory health conditions. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires or there is a smoker in your home, an HVAC air purifier can help to remove cigarette smoke and airborne pollutants from the air,

Prevent and remove mold

Air purifiers can help to remove mold from the air, protecting you from its harmful effects. This is particularly helpful in our SWFL subtropical climate where we have very humid air and mold can easily grow in unwanted places. Mold can have detrimental effects on your health and can begin to cause issues long before you’ve realized that it’s happening and what is causing the issues. The small particles can be in hidden places in your home and circulate in your indoor hair. An HVAC air purification system paired with quality air filtration systems can clean indoor air of mold spores and improve your health overall.

Are HVAC Air Purifiers Safe to Install in Your Home?

HVAC air purifiers are highly effective because of the UV-C’s high energy and intensity. Even just short-term exposure to UV-C light from a UVC air purifier can be damaging to the eyes and skin. Longer exposure to UV-C light can cause extensive damage. Because of these risks, your HVAC technician will take great care to ensure that your HVAC air purifier is properly installed to avoid such exposure.

HVAC air purifiers are installed inside your HVAC system’s ductwork. That means once it’s installed, you won’t see it at all and it poses no risks to you, only to those pesky indoor air pollutants.

Where is the Best Place to Install an Air Purifier?

When you search for air purifiers on the internet, you’ll find several different types of air purifiers. Air purifiers can be installed in your HVAC system to reach your entire home, as we’ve discussed in this article, or you can opt for portable units for individual rooms or even a small table or desktop air purifier for a personal space. The best option for air purification is a whole-house air purifier installed in your HVAC ductwork.

When it comes to the safety of you and your family members, a system that covers the entire house is ideal. Controlling airborne particles throughout your home is one of the best ways to prevent health problems or help to treat existing problems that come from or are made worse by poor indoor air quality.

Does the Air Filter Matter if You Install an Air Purifier?

Yes, as mentioned above, the air filter is your HVAC system’s first line of defense. Air filters and air purifiers work best in combination. Your HVAC system’s air filter does the majority of the work collecting particles from the air, but contaminants that your air filter can’t catch or that inevitably get through simply because your air filter has to allow air to pass through, are then run through the air purifier for further disinfection of your home’s indoor air.

Do HVAC Air Purifiers Improve your HVAC System’s Energy Efficiency?

Air filters and air purifiers do improve your system’s energy efficiency. That means they also increase the life of your system. Anything that keeps your system clean and able to run smoothly will increase efficiency and extend the life of your HVAC system.

What to Look For in an Air Purifier

Here are some things to look out for when selecting an air purifier system for your home:

  • Noise level: make sure that the air purifier you choose is silent or at least very quiet so it doesn’t disturb your everyday living and sleeping.
  • Reduces odors: make sure it is designed to improve the smell of your home.
  • Reduces air pollutants: make sure it’s an effective air purifier for all air pollutants, not just odors.
  • Warranty: make sure your air purifier comes with a warranty. Compare air purifiers and their warranties to find the best option.

Should You Install an HVAC Air Purifier?

Are HVAC air purifiers right for everyone? We think so! As long as you have an HVAC system, that is. If you live in a home with another heating and cooling source, you’ll want to opt for portable air purifiers. Either way, an air purifier can’t do anything but good in your home. Here are some reasons you should install an HVAC air purifier in your home:

  • You live in a humid climate prone to mold growth
  • You or someone in your family has allergy issues or asthma
  • There are unpleasant odors in your home
  • You don’t sleep well
  • You or your family members stay sick with cold or allergy symptoms
  • You have a smoker in your home or live in an area prone to wildfires
  • You live in an area with high air pollution

If any of these things apply to you and your home, your health and well-being can benefit from the installation of an HVAC air purifier.

Best HVAC Air Purifier

Choosing the best whole house air purifier can be tricky. There are many on the market and quality and effectiveness are very important to result in a high clean air delivery rate for your home. The best air purifiers are the ones that work, so at Dolphin Cooling and Heating, we offer a few options that we trust for our customers.

REME-HALO® Induct Air Purification System

The REME-HALO® uses RGF’s patented REME® Cell technology. UV-C light creates low level, airborne hydrogen peroxide throughout the air-conditioned space to reduce airborne pollutants. REME-HALO® offers a 5 year warranty on the device itself, with a 2 year warranty on the REME® cells. This device operates silently and can be installed in almost all central air conditioning systems.

Supco UV Light Kit

The Clear Blue units feature a UV-C Germicidal Coil Cleaner that creates pure air naturally. This coil adds an additional cleaning element to a standard filtration system. Through innovative, safe, and environmentally friendly practices, these UV air treatment systems cleanse residential air. Controlling microbial growth, improving HVAC efficiency, and reducing maintenance are just a few of the benefits of this light kit. This kit comes with a one year warranty.

PREMIERone UV Air Purifiers

PREMIERone duplicates the power of the sun to kill germs and remove odors. This UV light’s high output germicidal UV-C kills or deactivates germs, mold, and viruses. Its patented oxidizing chamber uses activated oxygen for odor control. Plus, odor control on this unit is easily adjustable by the homeowner. With a lifetime warranty on electronics and a 2 year warranty on lamps, this product is a great option for cleaning up your indoor air.

Choosing and Installing an HVAC Air Purifier

UV-C air purifier systems should be installed by professionals for your safety and to ensure the proper functioning of the system. We are dedicated to “Comfort on Porpoise” and take the time to walk our customers through all of their options and make expert recommendations for their best interests. If you are interested in an HVAC air purification system for your home, we would love to take the time to choose a system and complete a safe and thorough installation for you.

If you aren’t sure about your air quality or have other concerns about your HVAC system, we are here to help! For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dolphin Cooling & Heating today!

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