Looking for HVAC Financing in Naples, Florida? At Dolphin Cooling we understand that purchasing a new HVAC system for your home is an investment. And like any investment, it requires consideration of pros, cons, and all of the options available to you. Our sales consultants walk our customers through the process so they can make an informed decision to do what is best for them. We want our customers to have peace of mind whether they make the decision to go with a new installation or not. We also know that cooling and heating systems don’t always break down at financially convenient times, so we offer financing plans with affordable monthly payments in order to help our customers get the new equipment they need when they need it.

How a New AC Unit Can Save You Money

The main thing to consider when you’re deciding whether or not to replace your unit is the cost to replace versus the money you’ll end up saving over time. There are several ways you could end up spending more money in the long run by continuing to repair your old unit instead of replacing it. Here are the ways you could end up saving money with a new system.

Energy Efficiency

A new cooling system will be more energy efficient and start saving you money immediately after installation. Older units are not built with the same energy efficiency as new units and once they age and get more and more run down, they are even less energy efficient. You also have the added benefit of newer technology like smart thermostats, which boost energy savings and extend the life of your unit.

Repair Costs Longterm Will Still Add Up to Replacement

Consider the fact that if you’ll be living in your home for a long time, eventually you will have to replace your AC unit. In some cases, units require frequent ac repair service just to keep them running and will still need replacement sooner rather than later. Will the cost of repairing frequently add up to the point that you will save money just replacing it to being with? Will you be paying for multiple major repairs in the near future? The answer to this will vary with the age of your unit, how well it has been maintained, and how it’s currently running. Our HVAC techs do a great job of assessing your situation and explaining all of the available options so you can make an informed decision.

Other things to consider

Of course money matters in this deliberation, but there are other things to take into consideration when making this investment decision.

Improved comfort

Living in Southwest Florida is like living in paradise. A very beautiful but very hot paradise. Air conditioning is basically a requirement. When you have cooling issues, that’s not a minor issue. If your AC unit is not cooling well or breaking down all the time even with routine maintenance, it’s probably time to commit to that new air conditioner.

Indoor air quality

Air conditioning isn’t just about comfort within your home in SWFL, it’s also about air quality. Controlling the level of humidity in your home is very important for the health of you and your family members. A lack of humidity control will lead to mold growth in your air ducts and throughout your home.

Financing a New AC Installation

We offer several different financing options to fit your monthly budget. Our options range from 6 months to 120 months financing with no interest, deferred interest, or standard interest, and all at a fair price. For more information about our HVAC financing and applicable terms, visit our website.

For more help in the decision-making process, read our blog post, “When Should I Replace My HVAC Unit?” Whether you’re in urgent need of a new AC unit or you’re interested in talking to the experts about the process, our technicians are ready to assess your situation and help you make great choices for your cooling and heating needs. We have long-lasting relationships in our community because of our dedication to excellent service and customer satisfaction. “Comfort on porpoise” is our slogan and helping our customers get what they need when they need it is our top priority. We are happy to service Naples, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Vineyards, Marco Island, and Golden Gate. Contact us for a free estimate.