Healthy Climate Solutions

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a major concern in homes & businesses here in Naples, Ft Myers & Marco Island.  On average people spend 90% of there time indoors.  A study performed by the EPA shows that some indoor environments have pollutant levels much higher than outdoors.  Indoor pollutants can include:

Indoor air quality inspection

  • Pet dander
  • VOCs
  • Second hand smoke
  • Bioaerosols
  • Cooking odors
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Ozone
  • Lead particles
  • And more

Dolphin Cooling regularly installs high efficiency whole-home air filters & UV Light kits.  With our AC service & maintenance plans we regularly check for microbial growth & unsanitary conditions inside your air conditioning system.  Tell us the issues you are facing with your indoor air quality. We have professionals that can recommend solutions that best fit your need.

Sanuvox Saber Magnetic UV Light

Sanuvox Saber 16" Ultraviolet Light

The Sanuvox Saber Magnet UV object sterilization system runs on ultra efficient 24 volts.  Properly installed the UVC light basks the interior of the cooling coil.  UVC light destroys microbial growth inside your air conditioner.  AC cooling coils generate a coating of microbial growth.  That microbial film acts as an adhesive.  Therefore, dust, pollen & dirt collect on the fins of the cooling coil.  Over time, the airflow through the coil is restricted.  Restricted coils can freeze up & cause a system failure.  UV light kits are a excellent way to keep your system clean & safe.  A clean & safe system means clean & safe air in your home.

healthy climate carbon clean

Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16

The Healthy Climate Carbon Clean 16 whole-home filtration system has a MERV 16 rating which is the highest in the industry.  The MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating was developed by ASHRAE .  The values range from 1-16.  The higher the value the more efficient the filter is at trapping particles in the air.  The minimum recommended for hospital treatment rooms is MERV 14.  The Carbon Clean 16 removes particles, bioaerosols, ozone, & odors.  The carbon coated fibers further reduce odors in the home.  The only competing unit that can filter as fine particles is an electronic air cleaner.  Call our office in Naples for more information.