Pool Heaters

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We service most pool heat pump makes and models

Dolphin Cooling & Heating offers pool heat excellence.  We service most electric pool heater makes and models. Count on us for fast and reliable service because we know that having a heated swimming pool provides the whole family the enjoyment of swimming all year long. A warm pool is a luxury and the only way to have access to your swimming pool all year round, regardless of weather conditions, is having a properly maintained pool heater.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps use a highly efficient refrigeration cycle to draw heat from the outdoor air and transfer that heat into the pool water.  Therefore, many think of it as the reverse of an air conditioner.  Air conditioners use a refrigeration cycle to draw heat from the indoor air of a home and transfer it outdoors.  Because of the similarities between air conditioners and heat pump pool heaters AC contractors are the best choice for pool heater repair.  Pool heaters have all of the electrical connections and switches that AC systems do and because of this they need to be maintained.